Restricting Control Panel items through User Registry is not being applied in an Ivanti Workspace Control managed session

Version 2



    Consider the following scenario:


    • An ADMX to restrict Control Panel Items has been applied through the User Registry in the Ivanti Workspace Control Console (under Composition - Actions by type).

              This ADMX will result in the following key being created in the user setting:


              which will contain the allowed control panel items for the user session



    • In the Ivanti Workspace Control Console under Composition - Desktop - Lockdown and Hehaviour the option " Disable Add/Remove Programs" has been enabled for the affected user sessions

              This will cause the following registry key to be created in the user session:


              which will contain the disallowed control panel items (add/remove programs)


    The presence of the DisallowCpl registry key will prevent the RestrictCpl key to be applied in the session, although it is present in the User Session.




    Do not enable the "Disable Add/Remove Programs" option when using an ADMX to restrict Control Panel items