Problem / Solution: “New Service Request” button in “My Items” workspace does not work.

Version 2


    This Solution applies to all versions of Ivanti Service Manager (current version, on the date when this article is created is 2017.2)


    Error Message:

    Animation of clicking the button works, but nothing else happens.



    “New Service Request” button in “My Items” workspace does not work (this solution may apply to any other buttons and workspaces).



    Button “New Service Request” does not create new Service Request by default, it just opens Service Catalog.

    Role, we are using, needs to:

    • Have access to Service Catalog Layout
    • Service Catalog Layout must have “Search Tags” unchanged.


    In this example I will explain how to fix that issue on Self Service User role.

    1. Open Admin UI

    2. Build

    3. Page Layouts

    4. Roles: Self Service

    5. Page Layout: Service Catalog

    6. Advanced Options


    If there is no Service Catalog Layout, add it using button.


    1. Make sure that “Search Tags:” is: “ServiceCatalog” without any spaces. Any change here will result button: “New Service Request” not working.

    Additional Informations:

    In order to change/manage behavior buttons located where “New Service Request” is located, please:


    1. Open Admin UI -> Page Layouts -> Select Role [eg. Self Service] -> Select Page Layout [eg. My Items] -> Advanced Options

    2. On the bottom there is Workspace Actions. Select Edit.

    3. Select „New Service Request” „New Issue” or „Create New

    4. Open Command tab.

    5. Service Catalog – Show all service catalog, from the drop down list, is the default value for the “New Service Request” button.


    Options, from the drop down list are built-in commands which cannot be edited. That is the reason why changing “Search Tags” may result the button stop working.