Problem / Solution: Reprocess failed/stuck emails in Ivanti Service Manager

Version 1



    This what tested on ISM 2017.3, but is applicable to previous ones as well.



    Requires Access To:

    • Message Queue Journal workspace
    • account with administrative privileges




    Sometimes because of various reason, emails might not get processed and because of that Incidents (or whichever Business Object) is not created as per normal process. What might be even harder to get this fixed, that this might happen to random emails during the day of certain period of time.



    Solution / Workaround:

    1. Login to any account with Administrator role.

    2. Open Message Queue Journal workspace and filter down like that:

    Status = 'CompletedWithError' or 'Timedout'

    3. After you highlight the affected emails, there is a button "Replay Message" as marked in above picture. Hitting that would re-enable triggering those emails and all appropriate emails will be made or BOs created