How to correct Avalanche license versions

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    How to correct Avalanche license versions


    I accidentally registered my Avalanche licenses for the wrong version.

    How can I correct this?




    When Avalanche Licenses are registered for the wrong version of Avalanche, a correction can be made.

    This process is referred to as a "license exchange". 


    License exchanges are performed when the following criteria is met:

    • The correction is being made within 90 days of the license purchase date.
    • When more than 90 days since the license purchase date, all licenses to be exchanged, will require coverage of a current license maintenance contract. 


    A license exchange can be performed by contacting us at our Support portal or calling our support line +1 801-308-8047 select option 5.

    • Please have your Sales Order number for your licenses ready.
    • Please have your license maintenance contract number ready.







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