Action Panel has expanded and takes up the full Incident window so that you cannot see the workspace.

Version 9

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    Action Panel has expanded and takes up the full window so that you cannot see the workspace, making it impossible to work.






    This wil happen when the DPI setting on the machine is set to anything other than normal.

    If the DPI setting is for example, set to Small, then the action panel will increase upon every window launched until the workspace isn't showing at all.




    Change the DPI setting on the machine to Normal and this won't happen again.


    Windows 7/8:

    DPI Display Size Settings - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Windows XP:



    If this has already happened, then you can run the below script to reset the panel width for that particular user:


    Please always take a fully restorable backup of your database before making any changes to your live system.

    --Please change xxxxxx to the login name of the user.

    delete from tps_application_user_setting where tps_name = 'ActionPanelConfig'
    and tps_user_guid = (select tps_guid from tps_user where tps_name = 'xxxxxx')



    If you encounter this problem please raise this with your support provider quoting problem reference 5364.



    In order to avoid running queries (especially delete queries) on customers' live databases, there is a workaround to basically execute the same from Console point.


    1. Login as 'SA' and go to 'Query and report Designer' in the Console and create a new query

    2. After you save, go to the User Options tab and check the option "Include real database names". It will allow you to easier follow the steps of the workaround and find similarities to the query above.


    3. Basically you can select whichever attribute you want to be shown but I suppose the bests are: User.Name, User.Title, Name and Application.Name.


    4. On Criteria window drop the User and check the box with 'Prompt user to specify value' in the Criteria window shown. Click on the Finish then on the next window put affected user's name into value field and find the person there. Click go and the query should show the results:



    5. Now affected user must log off from the Console in every environment!

    6. Once it is done right click on the results and select Delete All.

    7. Now the user should be able to view the workspace area in the Console properly.