How To: Reset the Windows Discovery Client agent to force a Full Audit

Version 1

    Requires Access To:

    Client machine, local admin account


    How To:

    A client agent might need to be forced to do a Full audit as if it were just installed instead of an incremental update.  This is only appropriate in a situation where the CI record is missing from ISM but the client agent is still able to check in but the agent is currently sending incremental updates only and therefore ISM's Asset Processor will not recreate the CI record.  Additionally, that situation makes it impossible to trigger a full audit with the "Audit Inventory" button in the CI workspace.  Normally we would prefer to do an uninstall and reinstall of the client, but if that is not possible this method may be used as a workaround.


    Step by Step:

    1. Stop all client agent services:








    2. Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Frontrange Solutions\InventoryClient\AUDIT\Messages and delete all files except the INFO.RP0


    3. Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Frontrange Solutions\InventoryClient\AUDIT and delete all the ..aud files, and the local.dat file


    4. In this same folder, replace the local.xml and client.xml files with a copy of the deployment-ready files from the Gateway's clientbinshare folder (typically C:\Frontrange Solutions\SaaSIM or C:\HEAT Software\SaaSIM on the Gateway machine, depending on your version).


    5. Restart the services (SaasLanProbe will likely be missing from the Services list but it will come back if/when needed)