Send-To in OneNote fails when Office is Personalized

Version 5

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    The Send-To functionality within OneNote will fail with the following error when Office is personalized:

    "Microsoft Outlook is not properly installed or has not been started for the first time. You can install or repair Outlook, or set a different default email program and then try again."


    This Tech Note aims to provide a resolution to this issue.



    The issue is caused because when Office is personalized its registry settings are virtualized and are not present within the real registry. When attempt to use the Send functionality within OneNote it looks in the real registry to verify whether Outlook is configured. As Outlook's registry settings aren't there it erroneously believes that Outlook has not been configured and reports the error.


    To verify that this is the issue you are experiencing, if you disable Personalization you will find that the Send functionality within OneNote is restored.



    To resolve this error you essentially need to spoof the First-Run registry value within the affected users HKEY_CURRENT_USERS registry hive.


    Add the following registry value:

    Location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook\Setup

    Name: First-Run

    Type: REG_BINARY

    Value: <see below>

    The actual value you need to use should be located in one of the following two places:


    For 32-bit Office:


    For 64-bit Office:



    Note: You will need to modify the location slightly depending upon the version of office you have installed. In the example above Office 2013 was used.

    For Office 2010 it will be:


    For Office 2016 it will be:


    The locations within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE you copy the value from will be different in the same manner.