How To : Control Drop Down List Values

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    How To:

    Can we configure a Reference list to show some values for specific role and hide the other ?


    Solution : yes, you can through creating many-to-many relationship between the Reference-list and Role and then filter the values.


    Step 1 : In Object Designer , create ( New Linking Business Object )

    the window will appear


    select from the left the drop Down list and from the Right the Role


    then click Ok , a new Business Object will created , rename it as you want . i will rename it Roles.


    Step 2 : In Window Manager , Open your Drop Down list Admin Window :

    and add from the Controls Multi-Select List Box to your window:

    and the window will be :

    Step 3: Click on the Multi-select box , and go to properties , then select

    Mapping > Attribute > Role collection :

    Save your window.


    Step 4: In Administration > Go to your Drop Down list > and then start adding the Role you want them to see that Values:



    then save your window .


    Step 5 : In Object Designer  ,under the Module your Reference is  .

    in my example is under request management.


    Navigate to : Request Management > Request > Nomination Class

    in the properties go to ( Filter Selector )


    the Attribute window filter will appear :

    Create a ( New Filter Rule )

    Select a filter query > New



    Create the new query to filter the Values based on Roles you added :

    drag from ( Role Collection > Role ) then select ( Is Within My roles )

    Save your window.


    Now Based on the role you added it will filter the values from Reference list. you can create the same for order list or category .. and for Group or User based.

    Thanks To JulianWigman for his support on this.