Error in the Ivanti Automation job results: Failed to download resource {GUID}

Version 3



    Consider the following scenario:

    • An Ivanti Automation job is created with a Windows Installer Package job.
    • The Windows Installer Package job uses a resource stored in the database.
    • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 or higher is used as a database server.
    • A new Ivanti Automation Resource stored in the database has been recently added.


    After scheduling a job with the newly added resource the job will fail with this error:


    Failed to download resource {GUID}.





    The Microsoft SQL Server Express database has reached its size limitation of 10 GB.





    • Please check if the Microsoft SQL Server Express database has reached its limit of 10 GB:
      Open the Console, go to Administration, Information and click on the Size tab and check the total used size.
      If the size limit has been reached, the database must be cleaned.
    • Use Microsoft SQL Server as a database, this version does not have the 10 GB limitation.