Complete Guide to Registering and Manually Adding TelNet Licenses with Common Errors

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    After ordering licenses, you will receive a registration email similar to below.  You'll click the registration link.

    This doc goes over the different types of licenses available to purchase for TelNet.

    What's the difference between Terminal Emulation 2 in 1 and 4 in 1 license. Web Emulation license.

    You'll then be taken to the initial registration page.  Here, via the text box, you can register all or part of your licenses.  If you choose to register some of your licenses, you would change the amount reflected in the Quantity to Register text box to something less than what is listed in Quantity Available.  Click Register Products.

    Fill out all of your registration information.  Remember that the Licensee Name is what will be used later to add your license to a device.  Note: It is recommended to keep this short as extremely long names can cause registration issues.

    Click Next Step

    On the Product Options page you will select the manufacturer, model and operating system of your device.  Note: If you do not see your device listed, then choose Universal>Universal Enablers and Clients>OS type as shown in the image below.

    Click Next

    On the next page select your version of the software.  Typically this will be 7.3 Standard for American customers and 7.3 International for our out of country clients.

    Click Next

    On the next page you will pick your host/emulation type.  Be sure to double check your host type to prevent the need for an exchange.  Note: WIB is not represented in this screenshot as it is a separate purchased license, however all registration steps remain the same excluding this section.

    Click Next

    Verify all of your selections and click Complete Registration on the final page.

    Your license information will then displayed, and a copy will be emailed to the address provided earlier in the registration process.

    Adding the license to the device manually

    For adding a license using the license server refer to this document:

    How to set up the Emulation License Server


    Open TelNet, select your main menu.  This could be Options or File depending on your device.  Click Configure.

    Click Authorization

    The standard password is config.

    Note: This can be changed in emulation parameters of the config tool.  Support would not be able to crack this if it has been changed.  You would need access to the tool used to configure the device to make the change.

    Select Add a New License... from the Platform drop down.  Enter all of your license information and select Authorize.

    Note: An example User #: of Limit: is 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20 and so forth.


    All information must be exactly as provided during registration.  Spacing, capitalization, etc all matters.  If any information is incorrect you will receive a message "Authorization Code Check Failed.  You will also receive the message if you are adding the license to the wrong version of TelNet.  i.e. 7.2 license to a 7.3 version

    If the license information was entered correctly, then you will receive a message stating the license has been added.