Permissions on a Teams parent folder are not inherited by the Ivanti Automation Agents

Version 6


    Consider the following scenario:

    • In the Topology > Teams section, one or more folders are created.
      • One or more Teams are placed in a folder.
    • In Administration > Security, an Administrative Role is created.
      • The Administrative Role has Deny permissions on the Teams.
      • The Administrative Role has Modify permissions on the folder in the Teams section.
      • The Administrative Role has Deny permissions on the Agents.
      • The option 'Inherit explicit access from primary team if no explicit access has been set' in the Agents section might be set. This is not necessary to reproduce this scenario!


    Folders created in the Teams:


    Permissions set on the Teams in the Administrative Role:


    In this scenario, no Agents will be available for the user who is member of this configured Administrative Role.




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Automation 2019.0.




    Configure explicit permissions on the Team itself (as in the screenshot below) to make these Agents available to the Administrative Roles users.