Error: Please specify targeted items, after saving Application Defaults

Version 1



    Consider the following scenario:


    Navigate to Composition > Applications > Settings and there we make sure that we have no defaults set for new applications (either the “Reset…” button is grayed out or we click that button to reset the defaults…).




    Click the “Set…” button in order to set the defaults for the new applications.


    On the form that appears, we select one of the following two options for the “Zero Profile mode”:


    • Capture targeted items on application end.
    • Capture targeted items once, then track further changes.


    We also check the “Enabled option:



    When clicking the “OK” button in order to save the settings, an error message pops up requiring an action from the end-user:




    Targeted items cannot be specified on the Capturing tab, as this an "application default" and not a "specific application" setting.




    Solved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.600.0