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Version 9


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    Release Description

    Checksum 31e57b933160ab8a7a55528bfbd6168b *7.4.1_build4461.iso


    Available Recordings - What's new

    What's new in DSM 2018.1 (English)

    Was gibt es neues in DSM 2018.1 (German)


    Patch Collection DSM 2018

    Please make sure you have the latest Patch Collection DSM 2018.1 Download


    End of Life for DSM Patch Addon

    For detailed information please refer to EoL page

    Our go forward plan for Patch Management is Advanced Patch Management (APM), which is based on the Shavlik technology

    We are announcing the end-of-life of Classic Patch Management with the upcoming DSM 2018.1 product release. The module will continue to be supported for the next 18 months until September 2019. Support will consist of phone and online support.

    If you are using PatchLink on Windows platforms exclusively, we recommend migrating to DSM APM (Shavlik) at no cost.



    Release Notes

    System Requirements (The Server now requires .NET Framework 4.6 or higher)


    SOAP Documentation DSM 2018.1

    PSO and customers should read chapter "2.1 Moving to DSM 2018.1" carefully. Applications based on the SDK have to be adapted to the changes described accordingly.

    Even if none of the changes has led to a change in the code of your application, the application has to be rebuilt using the WSDL of the release (GA).