Issue: PXE Boot failing due to "TFTP", "PXE-032" or "NBD".

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x


    When PXE Booting you receive an error before booting into WinPE.

    - TFTP Boot Issues

    - PXE-032 Error

    - NBD failing to load (freezes)



    Starting in Windows 10 1709 build windows firewall has been updated to Windows Defender Firewall.


    If you have your firewall enabled and you used to be able to PXE Boot it was because the PXE Services was set as an exception.




    Windows 10 1709 requires that you specify the open ports for PXE into the Inbound Rules if you have your Windows Firewall enabled.

    Ports used by LANDESK Management Suite - Full List


    Open Windows Defender Firewall.

    1. Test disabling it to see if this resolves your issue with PXE Booting. If it does then continue to add the Specific Ports into the Firewall Inbound Rules.
    2. Windows Defender Firewall

      Inbound / Outbound Rules


    3. You can use the following document to reference Ports that LANDesk uses - Ports used by LANDESK Management Suite - Full List

    4. General TabAdvanced Settings

      UDP Ports 67, 68, 69, 1758, 1759 and 4011