Application can't be started... (Instant Passthru could not be resolved) when publishing on Citrix Xenapp

Version 8


    Consider the following scenario:


    • Citrix XenApp 6.5 is installed on a session host and the session host is a member of a Worker Group.
    • The Worker Group the server belongs to is used for publishing in the Ivanti Workspace Control managed application under Managed Application > Properties > Publishing > Citrix XenApp Published Application > Servers.
    • The option Enable Instant Passthrough for computers not publishing this application is ticked.


    In this scenario the message "Application can't be started... (Instant Passthru could not be resolved)" appears after launching a published application as can be seen below;




    This problem is also seen in scenario's where the Citrix StoreFront server is configured for use with HTTP which, by default, the Citrix Receiver does not process.



    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.900.0.