Configuring Windows Error Reporting to capture memory dumps on application crash

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    If you are experiencing application crashes at random times can be useful to be able to capture a memory dump which you can provide to Ivanti Support for analysis.

    You can configure Windows Error Reporting to capture process memory dumps as described below.

    NOTE: Only provide memory dumps on request from Ivanti Support, please don't send them in unless requested

    NOTE: Windows Error Reporting is available on Windows 2008/XP and above

    NOTE: This article only describes capturing process dumps, not full system dumps




    The settings below will capture a maximum of ten dumps in C:\Temp. Any crashing application will be captured.


    1: Add these three settings to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps


    Name:     DumpFolder

    Type:      REG_EXPAND_SZ

    Value:     C:\Temp


    Name:     DumpCount

    Type:     REG_DWORD

    Value:     0xa


    Name:     DumpType

    Type:     REG_DWORD

    Value:     0x2


    2. Restart the Windows Error Reporting service (or start it if it is not running/disabled)


    3. Once a crash has occurred you will find the dump file(s) in C:\Temp. When you have the dump, please zip it up and upload it to Support, along with a fresh data collection from our Support Toolkit which you can get here: Ivanti Support Toolkit