How to configure Workstation ID (Device #) in CETerm

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    IBMHOST 5250




    How to configure Workstation ID ( Device Name) in CETerm



    Workstation ID is synonymously used with the term "Device Number" or "LU Number". It represents a dedicated LU name or number on the AS/400 5250 server that you want your 5250 sessions to connect through. Device names are used within IBM SNA world to optimize management of host connection resources. A device name may be associated with an “LU pool” or a specific LU. Device names may also be allocated when connecting to an IBM host through an intermediate gateway. The default setting is blank.



    In CETerm you can configure this setting under:

    Session -> Configure -> Connection (tab) -> Advanced -> IBM Options -> Device / LU#.






    *When configured, CETerm will request this specific (named) resource during connection negotiation.

    *Upon a successful connection, the 5250 host application may display the Device# on the screen to identify the terminal.