Step by Step: How to check the version of your Ivanti Patch Subscription and if it expired or not?

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    This is a step by step document guide you how to check the version of your Ivanti Patch Subscription and check if it expired. The most common issue related to Patch Subscription is suddenly you find you cannot download the latest patch definitions anymore manually or automatically on a schedule.


    Step by Step:

    1. Open the console and confirm the console.exe version.

    For your reference:

    LDMS 2016.3, EPM 2017.1 and EPM 2017.3 console.exe version is 10.1.XX.

    LDMS 2016.0 console.exe version is 10.0.XX.

    LDMS 9.6 console .exe version is 9.6.XX

    Note: The XX does not matter to the Subscription. The version 10.1 is enough to validate if the license expired.

    The below screenshot is taken from EPM 2017.3 SU3 and its version is 10.1.


    2. Open Core Server Activation application and click "Licenses". In the pop-out window, check if the next verification date is expired. If it expired, please reactivate the core first.

    3. According to the console.exe version which is found in step 1, check if the corresponding Patch Content Subscription expired or not.

    Example, you are on EPM 2017.3. Its console.exe version is 10.1. You need to find it in the list and check if the Ivanti Patch Content Subscription powered by Landesk 10.1 expired or not.

    4. Please note if you have multiple versions, you only need to validate the version you are using. Such as you have 10.0 and 10.1 licenses and you are on 10.1, you need to check if the 10.1 license expired only.



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