How to trace Metadata Transaction changes and restore to previous stage.

Version 1

    This article explains how to trace Metadata Transaction changes like Deletions, Updates, Creations and how to restore them. By Metadata we understand i.e. Dashboards, QuickActions and Saved Searches on which this article is based.


    • Login as Admin
    • Go to AdminUI > Build > HEAT Development Project > Transaction Details

    • To narrow down the results to view only values of interest we need to create a New Saved Search, listing only ObjectType Equal to SearchDefinition.

    • All operations stated with D = Delete, U = Update, C = Create.
    • Restore the Metadata using Transactions with Operation Type C by assigning those transactions to Package.

    • Create a new Package in AdminUI > Build > HEAT Development Package > Packages or use existing one.

    • Once done, Export the Package and Import from your local drive.

    • Repeat steps to import Update transactions.