ERROR: Cannot access a disposed object after reconnecting to a disconnected session

Version 2


    The following setup is used:

    • RES ONE Workspace 10.1
    • Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6
    • Thin client such as Dell Wyse or Igel Zero Client
    • Imprivata


    The following steps are taken:

    • During the course of the session, the end user will disconnect from one thin client device.
    • The user reconnects to the disconnected session on another device.

    The session refreshes after the reconnect and sometimes the following error message is displayed:


    An error occurred during the execution of a procedure. Contact your administrator or helpdesk with the following information.


    Process: pfwsmgr.exe

    Procedure: RestartPowerMenu

    Error: Cannot access a disposed object

    Object name: 'frmSplashv2'.

    Machine: XXXXXXXX


    Program will resume normal operation.



    This issue is under investigation by Ivanti Support.