Raising an Environment Manager Support Case

Version 7


    When raising a support case for Environment Manager, there are a number of basic tests and information that can be gathered prior to raising the case.  These are typical initial isolation tests and details of the issue that would be gathered by Support during the first few correspondence.  The order in which these tests are performed and relevance of the test can be determined by the Systems Administrator based upon the issue they have.

    Known Issues and Knowledge Articles

    A Known Issue article is created for a customer raised issue that has been submitted to Development for further investigation.  Knowledge Articles are created for issues that are not bugs and also cover general advice, configuration and troubleshooting tips.  Within the Environment Manager Community Portal, please search the Known Issues section and then the entire Environment Manager Community Portal when researching the issue.


    Example Knowledge Articles for common queries:


    Basic Tests

    Anti-Virus and Citrix Excludes

    One of the first troubleshooting steps performed by Support for any Environment Manager case, is to review the Support Toolkit output to ensure the Anti-Virus and Citrix Excludes are in place.  Please confirm these excludes are in place prior to capturing a Support Toolkit output of an affected endpoint.


    Policy Action Failing

    If a Policy Action or Condition is failing, Environment Manager 8.6 and above provides a GUI log parser (EMMon) that allows easy finding of log lines relating to the action or condition.  EMMon is installed with the Environment Manager Tools:

    <Original Install Media>\Software\Products\EnvironmentManagerTools<bit>.msi

    Please ensure that any MSPs are installed, these maybe located in:

    Service Pack: <Original Install Media>\Software\Products\EnvironmentManagerTools<bit>.msp

    Service Pack: <Original Install Media>\Software\Products\SP\EnvironmentManagerTools<bit>.msi

    Hotfix: <Original Install Media>\Software\Products\HF\EnvironmentManagerTools<bit>.msi

    Logging can be enabled using the Support Tool Kit or the using the ClientLoggingSetup.exe which is installed as part of the Environment Manager Tools.

    Stop the Environment Manager Service

    Does the issue still occur with the Appsense Application Manager/Control service stopped.  It's worth noting that this does not fully rule out the Environment Manager filter driver in version 10.0 and earlier.

    Blank Configuration

    Where an issue has not been isolated to feature, please test:

    • Deploying a blank configuration
    • Deploying a configuration with no Policy actions and Personalization enabled
    • Deploying a configuration with Policy enabled and Personalization disabled


    This will help isolate Policy or Personalization being the cause of the issue.


    If Policy is the cause of the issue, further isolation testing can be undertaken by disabling nodes, conditions and actions to determine the actions or conditions contributing to the issue.


    If Personalization is the cause of the issue, further isolation testing can be undertaken by:

    • Creating a new Personalization Group and moving it to the top of the list of Personalization Groups.
    • Replicate the settings of the group the user is a member of.
    • Add membership rules to allow the affected user.
    • Perform isolation testing by removing Windows Settings Groups and/or Application Groups, depending upon the issue.


    Information Gathering

    There is some basic information that needs gathering for the vast majority of Support cases.  Raising a Support case with this information will reduce the number of requests required to gather it:

    Support Toolkit

    The Support Toolkit provides initial basic configuration details for the endpoint.  It must be run on an endpoint affected by the issue.  A Support Toolkit output generated at a previous time or on another endpoint may not capture the issue.Prior to generating a Support Toolkit output, please ensure the Anti-Virus and Citrix excludes are in place.  This is an important check that Support will review in all Support Toolkit output.  If the entries are not in place, it will be requested that they are configured and another Support Toolkit output is generated to confirm they are configured correctly:


    Download Support Toolkit

    Basic Information

    When raising a new Support case, there are some initial basic questions that need to be reviewed:

    • What is the business impact of the issue?
    • How many users are affected?
    • What environment is impacted: Product or Test?
    • Which version(s) of Environment Manager are exhibiting the issue?
    • A description of the issue.
    • Can the issue be reproduced?  If so, what are the recreation steps?
    • When did the issue first start to occur and were there any changes to the environment within that timeframe?
    • Results of any relevant isolation tests performed above.


    Uploading logs

    As mentioned above, a Support Toolkit output is required for the vast majority of issues.


    A full set of Environment Manager Agent logs need only be generated upon request by Support.  These logs tend to be very large and can only be analysed after the issue has been isolated.