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    How to resolve a license issue on the Wavelink TelnetCE client that should be pre-licensed?

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    Wavelink, TelnetCE, pre-licensed client


    These possible solutions will help you if you find your device has lost a license or is no longer pre-licensed for TelnetCE.
    Is your device pre-licensed?

    • Check Serial number and verify that the first five digits correspond to the build date: YYDDD
    • For WM/CE devices you will want to make sure that your device is a Gun style device. No Short, Brick, or Rotating head devices will be pre-licensed.
    • WT4xxx, VC50xx, and VC70N0 will also be pre-licensed. Check the Mfg. Date to verify for what version.

    Is the client correct for the device? If not the license will not apply as expected.

    • Verify the OS is either Windows Mobile, or CE (has a control panel).
    • What is the Hardware model?
    • Does the version of the TelnetCE PC configuration Tool reflect this in the title of the tool?

    Is the version of the TelnetCE client pre-licensed for the hardware your installing it on?

    • If your pre-licensed device was manufactured before 1/1/2012, then you should use the 7.0.x client.
    • If your pre-licensed device was manufactured after 1/1/2012, then you should use the 7.3.x client. is now and to navigate to the Wavelink product downloads follow go to > Resources > Wavelink Products Downloads.