Using Package Builder Version 3 to Drop a File on a Device

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Package Builder 3.01Avalanche 6.2

    You can download version 3 with the jre at this link:


    Create a new package and on the Package Information tab give it a name, title, revision, and the package type would be Support.

    Add selection criteria for != 1

    Click the checkbox in the bottom left next to Include Post Install Script


    Go to the Package Files tab.  At the bottom left select Browse for Files, then select the file you want to place on the device. Click Add.


    Where the package now lists, click and change the Install Drive to C via the drop down, double click the Install Path to define where the file goes on the device and finally click under Flag to set that value to ALWAYS.

    Ex. \application\temp


    Go to the Post Install Script tab


    Click Add Heading, then check the box next to Custom Heading.  The value will be PROPERTIES.  Click OK.


    Click Add Property.  The Key will be custom.settings and the Value will be 1.  Click OK.

    Combining this with the selection criteria will keep the file from downloading over and over again.  This is done because the package knows not to download if this property is present, and at the same time places the property on the device after.

    Click the AVA button at the top to build your package.  Save the .cfg file, then save the .ava file.  The .ava file is the package you will load into Avalanche as a software profile.