Environment Manager - How to capture PVC and/or FBR logs for a personalization application

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    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 8.5Environment Manager 8.4Environment Manager 10.1



    On occasion, Support may need to see PVC and/or FBR logs from a personalized application. These logs contain detailed information about how the agent interacts with the personalized registry and filesystem. Follow the instructions below to enable these logs.


    1. Download the Support Toolkit from here: Ivanti Support Toolkit

    2. Run the SupportToolkit.exe, accept the EULA then click the Logging tab

    3. Click the green button next where it says 'Environment Manager'

    4. Tick the 'Enable PVC Logs' and 'Enable FBR Logs' boxes, move both sliders all the way to the right and click Okay

    5. Tick 'Enable Logging' - this will start generating the logs

    6. Check logs are being written to the C:\Windows\Temp\EMLogs folder 

    7. Reproduce the issue

    8. When complete, un-tick the 'Enable Logging' box

    9. In the Upload section of the Support Toolkit, add the C:\Windows\Temp\EMLogs folder and the c:\appsensevirtual\<sid>\<guid>\<application group name>\logs folder to the uploads list

    10. Upload the files and send an email to Support to confirm