Accounts created for Ivanti Endpoint Security Server

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    This document provides information relating to the accounts created during the installation of Ivanti Endpoint Security




    There are 4 accounts that Ivanti Endpoint Security creates during installation: ServiceAdmin, ClientAdmin, PLUS_Agent, and PLUS ANONYMOUS.



    ServiceAdmin: is an administrator-level account that runs all the services (EDS Server, Replication Service, etc.).



    ClientAdmin: is the account used for site impersonation in IIS and runs all the application pools for the website.



    PLUS_Agent: is an account used by the PR module for agent-to-web communications.



    PLUS ANONYMOUS: is a web account used for anonymous access for PR as well.



    The PLUS_Agent and PLUS ANONYMOUS accounts cannot be changed into domain accounts nor can the passwords be changed. Altering the PLUS_AGENT and PLUS ANONYMOUS accounts will break the product and cause agent communication to fail.


    However, the clientadmin and serviceadmin accounts can be local or domain accounts. Passwords for these accounts can be changed using the account utility tool. The account utility can be provided through support. There is also another community document that goes over how to reset those passwords.


    How To: Change passwords for the ClientAdmin and ServiceAdmin accounts


    Affected Product(s)


    Ivanti Endpoint Security 8.x

    Heat Endpoint Management Security Suite (EMSS) 8.x