Linux Patch Agent Service Stopped and Will Not Start

Version 1


    The purpose of this document is to resolve the issue of a stopped Ivanti Endpoint Security Patch Agent. The agent will not restart upon reboot or from a command line.



    Patch Agent is stopped and will not start on Linux, Unix or Mac servers/workstations.

    The server/workstation have these versions of Java installed:

    Java 7 Update 171+

    Java 8 Update 161+

    Java 9


    There was a change made in Java 7 Update 171+, Java 8 Update 161+ and Java 9+ that prevented the Endpoint Security from starting and running.

    Prior versions of Java including Java 7 Update 161 and Java 8 Update 151 function properly with the previous Patch Agent 8.3051.



    Upgrade the Endpoint Security Patch Agent to the newest version 8.3057.

    The attached document details how to upgrade the endpoint agent through the Endpoint Security console and upgrading manually on the endpoint.


    Affected Products

    Ivanti Endpoint Security 8.5+

    Heat Endpoint Management Security Suite (EMSS) 8.3+