Velocity: Obtaining the Known_Hosts with Linux

Version 2

    This purpose of this document is to go over the steps to obtain your known hosts for use within Velocity 2.x SSH only. Certain parts of this tutorial have been redacted.


    Needed items:

    SSH server

    Linux machine ( i used Linux Mint )

    Velocity client and console



    Known Hosts must be in ssh-rsa or ssh-dss base 64 encoded formats and single line only.


    Steps to obtain known Hosts:


    1. With in your Linux environment, launch your terminal emulator.


    2. Next you will want to SSH into the SSH Server: ssh IP or DNS of the target host

         a. You maybe prompted by a warning, if you are certain this is the server you need to connect to, type, yes and Enter



    3. From here you will need to change directory to the "Hidden" .ssh directory



    4. to display the known host information use the command: cat known_hosts


         b. You will want to copy and save everything from, ssh-rsa to the ==

              i. If when you attempt this and there is an IP in the known hosts, that will need to be stripped out before use.

              ii. Do not copy any extra spaces at the beginning or end.

              iii. Please note that even though each known host entry may occupy multiple lines in the source file where it resides, it is a single line entry.

    5. copy this known hosts information into the Velocity consoles known hosts field.



    ** Once you have finished and you are certain the rest of the project information is correct, save and deploy the project.