Error '(91) Object variable or With block variable not set' is shown upon selecting the option 'Show all User Registry settings'

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    • The configuration of an Ivanti Workspace Control environment is exported to a Building Block and imported into a new datastore.
    • During the import of the Building Block, one application fails to import.
    • This application has actions that are linked to another application. The latter is imported without errors.
    • In the new environment, the option Show all User Registry settings is selected in Composition > Actions By Type > User Registry.

    In this scenario, the following error message is displayed.


    Error #: 91

    Error Description: Object variable or With block variable not set

    Procedure: frmRegistry.AddEditRegistry

    Process: pwrtech.exe


    The application that was imported correctly, contains a link to the application that failed to import. This link cannot be deleted.

    This can be seen by clicking on Click here for details behind the text WARNING: Other applications also use the Actions configured here. in the Configuration > Actions tab of the application.



    In the old environment, the application, that failed to import, contains an action that is linked to an object that no longer exists in the datastore.



    In the old environment, delete the faulty action on the application, that failed to import.

    Create a new Building Block and import it into the new datastore with the option to overwrite the existing configuration.

    With the Building Block export, both applications will be exported and imported.