HOWTO: Gather information for Windows 10 / Server 2016 Tile issues

Version 2


    This article outlines how to gather information when troubleshooting Windows 10 / Server 2016 Tile Issues




    For troubleshooting Microsoft Windows 10 Tile issues it is best to use the attached Powershell script to gather information.

    It will do the following:


    • Dump the shell folders configuration in a file called "FolderRedirections.log"
    • Dump the startmenu
    • Get the Windows Build Version
    • Get the users profile state (in HEX)
    • Get the composer version
    • Get the RES.exe version
    • Get the pwrgrid.exe version
    • Get the TEMP and TMP variables
    • Check the registry key DisableTileManagement
    • Check the StartLayoutFile policy
    • Check the LockedStartLayout policy
    • Get the res10tiles.xml*
    • Get the pwruser.ini*
    • Check for DefaultTileLayout_Windows10.xml
    • Dump GPO configuration
    • Check for LayoutModification.xml file



    Please note that for the items marked with a * the default configuration will be taken. This means that if exceptions have been made to the Central Storage Location, The default one with be taken.


    The collected information can be sent to Ivanti Technical Support so it can be reviewed for any abnormalities that could explain the issue.