After upgrading agent to, WindowsTEMP folder is created

Version 3


    To explain why a new folder C:\WindowsTEMP was created after upgrading the EMSS agent to



    WindowsTEMP folder is created on the Windows C: drive after the agent is upgraded.



    There is a new feature that allows for the default location to be changed for Patch and Remediation Script Staging on the endpoint.



    **This issue has been resolved for future installs and upgrades.**


    1. Open this menu:

         Tools>Agent Policy Sets


    2. Click the paper/pencil icon to edit the Global System Policy.


    3.Scroll toward the bottom of the policy, look under this heading: Patch and Remediation Script Staging


    Script staging location on the endpoint, will be defaulted to:  C:\WindowsTEMP


    4.Double click the file location and add the backslash between Windows and TEMP. It should look like this when you are finished: C:\Windows\TEMP



    5. Save

    6. Either wait for the endpoint to get the new policy or restart the agent or agent service.


    Affected Products

    Ivanti Endpoint Security 8.5 Update 2 ( (EMSS)