How To: Export 'Installed On' devices from Software Inventory

Version 2

    How To:

    Within Software Inventory, you can see the devices that the Software is Installed On.  Out-of-the-box, you cannot export the 'Installed On' devices, but this can be configured.


    Step by Step:

    1. Log in under the Admin role
    2. Click on Configure Application
    3. Click on Business Objects
    4. Search for ‘SoftwareIdentity’
    5. Click on Layouts
    6. Click on the Layout in question
    7. Click on ‘formView’
    8. On the bottom of the screen under Child Panels, click on ‘Edit’ under the column ‘Toolbar’ for the ‘Installed On’ tab
    9. Drag up the ‘Action Menu’
    10. Save the Layout changes
    11. From the front end of the application, refresh
    12. Search for Software Inventory and Open a record
    13. Click on the Installed On tab
    14. On the right hand side you will see the ‘Action Menu’
    15. Click on that and select ‘Edit Actions’
    16. Create an Export Quick Action to export the data you want
    17. Save the Quick Action
    18. Refresh the main application
    19. Open the Software Inventory
    20. Click on ‘Installed On’
    21. Click on Action Menu->Export quick action


    Now the data will be exported.  If you do not want the Action Menu, you can also add just the quick action to the toolbar.  This demonstrated how to use the Action Menu as it allows you to easily Add/Edit quick actions.