Default printer is changed to first printer in the list after reconnect to an RDS session

Version 6


    When a laptop user docks his laptop, the default printer is changed to the first know local printer in the printer list.



    When the laptop changes from wifi to the docked network adapter with cable, Microsoft Windows will switch the active network connections to a different network adapter.

    As a result, an RDS session reconnect takes place.



    Make sure Ivanti Workspace Control to reprocess all Network Printers, to determine which printers should be connected when a previously disconnected terminal session is reconnected configure the following setting:

    Flag the checkbox On reconnect at Ivanti Workspace Control Console > Composition > Actions By Type > Printers > Settings > Refresh printers.



    Make sure the following Microsoft GPO is set to disabled:

    Remote Desktop services > Remote Desktop Session Host > Printer redirection: make default local printer default session printer at session reconnect