How to: Manually scan an endpoint for Application Control Whitelisting

Version 4


    A new button has been added in the agent control panel that lets you manually start an application scan. The resulting XML file can be added into the Application Library to white list the files or folders.



    Click the scan button.



    Click Next.


    Fill in the Source (which folder or file you want the scanned), Destination (where you want the resulting .xml file saved when the scan completes). The Temporary file extraction location can be left alone or changed as needed.

    Then select Start Scan.


    The agent will process the file/folders.


    The final screen will display the directory path and the file name of the saved file. The directory path can be clicked and will open the folder in Windows Explorer. Just a recommendation: do not open the resulting xml file in notepad if it is large.


    Additional Information

    Importing the resulting XML file into the Application Library


    Open Manage>Application Library on the EMSS server. In the left pane click on the group that will receive the imported xml file of hashes. (Alternatively, right click the Application Groups or Applications headings and create a new group. Next click on the newly created group.) Next click the Import button from the menu.



    Click the Browse button and find the xml file to be imported. Click Open. Then click Import.



    The file will upload to the EMSS server.




    Your file of hashes have now been successfully added to the Application Library.



    Affected Products

    Heat Endpoint Management Security Suite (EMSS) 8.4+

    Ivanti Endpoint Security (EMSS) 8.5+