GoldMine - How to keep the dates of documents created using a template "STATIC". Stop Auto-update Date

Version 2


    When you create a word template in GoldMine and use the default auto-update date field. The date on those documents will auto-update if you open those saved documents at a later date.



    Instead of using the default date filed :

    {Date \@ "MMMM d, yyyy"]


    Replace Date with CREATEDATE:

    {CREATEDATE \@ "MMMM d, yyyy"]



    1. Add the date field in GoldMine. or use a predefined template that has the date field inserted.

    2. When the document opens in Microsoft Word.

    3. Right click on the date field in Word.

    4. Select Toggle Field Codes


    5. This will display the actual underlying Field Code.

    6. Modify the section that says "DATE" to "CREATEDATE"

    7. Save the document.

    8. The next time you open the document the date will not change.


    confirmed fix for tkt : 01436706 Chris Braley