INFO: Is the PoSH edition of Ivanti Automation still available from version 2018.1

Version 6


    Is the free PoSH edition of Ivanti Automation still available in the 2018.1 release?




    From Ivanti Automation 2018.1 during the setup, two editions can be chosen:


    • Enterprise Automation: This is the full version of Ivanti Automation. In this mode the product can be evaluated with all features of Ivanti Automation for 45 days. During this period 75 licenses are available to evaluate the product. After 45 days your Enterprise environment becomes read-only.

    • Standard Automation: This version is available to Ivanti customers who have maintenance on an Ivanti product and can be used for free then. In this mode the Ivanti Automation product can be used for an unlimited period and will have an unlimited number of licenses. During this period only the "original Ivanti" tasks can be executed. The Standard version of Ivanti Automation 2018.1 has the following built-in connectors for Ivanti products:

        • Ivanti Identity Director
        • Ivanti Patch
        • Ivanti Service Manager


    The list of connectors will be updated in subsequent versions.



    Standard Automation edition only supports Ivanti connectors for Ivanti products. If connectors are installed for other products, their features won't be available in Standard edition.

    If an upgrade from Automation 10.2 or earlier is performed and the Automation PoSH edition is used, Automation will be configured in the new Standard edition with only Ivanti product support. However, the standard full access to console account management under Administration > Security. PoSh edition restricted that access.


    By default, Standard mode includes these tasks:

    • Provisioning > Ivanti Workspace Control (Refresh): Refresh a Workspace Control Session
    • Ivanti Automation Dispatchers > (Discover): Discover Dispatchers
    • Ivanti Automation Results > (Delete, Export): Delete or export Automation task results
    • PC Lifecycle Management > Ivanti Endpoint Manager (Distribute Software): Distribute software with Endpoint Manager


    The Ivanti Automation PoSH edition is discontinued from Ivanti Automation 2018.1.