How to: Create a Trace Level Logging Policy for One Endpoint

Version 4


    Increase the logging level of one endpoint for troubleshooting.



    1. Go to Manage>Agent Policy Sets, create a new policy called Trace level logging.

    2. Click the Define button under Agent Logging

    3. On the Logging level screen. Move the slider to Trace, click Save, then Save again.

    4. Go to Manage> Groups, create a Test or Trace level logging group in the Custom Groups in the left side panel. 

      a. Right click the Custom Groups and select Create Group.


      b. Name the Group and click the save button with the green check mark.

    5. Right click the new group in the left hand panel, then select Agent Policy Sets.


    a. Changing policy can also be performed using the View dropdown box (on the right side of the screen).

    6. Click the Assign button from the menu bar.

    7. Select the "Select a Policy Set" dropdown box, and click on your new Trace Level Logging policy.

    8. Click the save button with the green check mark.


    9. Right click the new group in the left hand panel, and select Endpoint membership.

    10. Left click the newly created logging group. Left click the Membership button from the menu.


    11. A new window opens. In the left window, change the group to the current location of the endpoint, left click the magnifying glass icon.

    12. Select the checkbox to the left of the endpoint you want to move. Click the single arrow to move the desired endpoint to the right screen. Click the OK button.

    13. Restart the agent on the endpoint. After the agent is restarted it will have the newly assigned Trace Level Logging policy


    Additional Information

    How to enable TRACE-level logging for EMSS Agents

    How to: Verify an endpoint is in trace level logging


    Dont forget to move the agent out of the test group when troubleshooting is finished. This will return the agent back to is original logging level.


    Affected Products

    Ivanti Endpoint Security (ES) 8.x

    Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (EMSS) 8.x