Setting up a Zebra Datawedge profile using an intent to allow for scanning

Version 1


    Not able to scan using an unsupported Zebra device with Velocity.


    Devices that have not been tested or validated may have scanning issues


    Zebra Android devices that scanning is not working properly using Velocity


    • Create a DataWedge profile (we named ours VelocityTest)
    • Enable profile
    • Assigning Velocity, (com.wavelink.velocity) * as the associated application (Using the * options will ensure that all Velocity activity will be captured)
    • Enable Scanner input
    • Scanner selection (There maybe more than one option so be sure to select the scanner that you plan on using while scanning in Velocity)
    • Uncheck the Keystroke output option
    • Enable output via intent
    • Set intent action to com.wavelink.intent.action.EMDK.SEND   //case sensitive
    • Set intent category to android.intent.category.DEFAULT   //case sensitive
    • Set intent delivery to Broadcast intent
    • The Rest of the settings can be left at default modify as desired (symbologies, decoders, scanner parameters, ect.)


    Please note: If you are using this method to activate scanning in Velocity do NOT create a Zebra scanner profile in the Velocity console.