Checklist attribute is not correctly evaluated in a Provide Information workflow condition

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    • A checklist Attribute with more than one value is configured in a service. E.g. value 'one' and 'two'.
    • On the first page of the Provide Information workflow action, the attribute is added.
    • A condition is configured in the second page of a Provide Information workflow action with the following settings:
      • Compare Type: 'Integer'. (default setting).
      • Condition: '<Checklist attribute value>' equals 'True'
      • Action: 'Show Page'


    In this scenario the second page should be skipped if the checklist value 'One' is selected. This is not happening, the second page will be shown.




    The Compare Type setting should be changed to 'string' when the value of a checklist attribute needs to be compared.