An application gives an error on accessing a folder although it is included in Authorized Files

Version 1


    Consider the following scenario:

    • Managed Applications Security and Read-Only Blanketing Security are used to secure an Ivanti Workspace Control managed session.
    • The executables of an application are authorized by including them in Authorized Files.

    In this scenario, the application can be started but gives an application error on accessing a folder (e.g. TeamViewerQS gives the error: Can't initialize plug-ins directory.)

    No additional security warning from Ivanti Workspace Control is displayed.



    The application tries to write to C:\Users (16448 - read dir_create) and is blocked by Read-Only Blanketing Security.

    Additionally, the option Notify user about security events is not enabled for the feature.



    Search for the entry in the Read-Only Blanketing log and authorize the write action.