Managed application with option "Run as Workspace Extension" enabled is not visible in the system tray

Version 4


    Consider the following scenario:

    • An application is added as a managed application and the option Run as Workspace Extension is checked.
    • In an Ivanti Workspace Control Remote Desktop User Session the tray icon is not visible after starting the application.
    • The Ivanti VDX plugin is installed and started on the Local Client Machine.

    In this scenario, when starting the application on the Local Client Machine the system tray icon is visible on the Local Client Machine.



    The system tray icons of the Local Client Machine with Ivanti VDX are not directly placed into the system tray of the Remote Desktop. It is possible to see them in a separated menu in the system tray in the Remote Session.



    Check the option Let users access client notification area through VDX at Ivanti Workspace Control Console > Setup > Integration > Ivanti Products > VDX.