Problem / Solution: Exported Excel file contains an error in plaintext:{"Timestamp":new Date(1525887032783),"ErrorCode":"PromptException","IsLogged":true,"IsUIReady":true,"InternalMessage":null....

Version 1

    Error message:

    Opening the xlsx file in a text editor like notepad shows the following error:

    {"Timestamp":new Date(1525887032783),"ErrorCode":"PromptException","IsLogged":true,"IsUIReady":true,"InternalMessage":null,"LogEntryId":"ff2d8716c79b4c3f8a67d50ce46012b6","Message":"Unhandled system exception. See exception details in the application log.","StackTrace":null,"ExceptionType":null}


    A saved search (including a prompt) was built and when attempting to export to excel, the resulting file cannot be opened.



    The Export to Excel feature is not able to process a prompt.  The error in the plaintext that appears in the resulting file will show "ErrorCode":"PromptException" indicating that the automation cannot handle the prompt function present in the search


    Solution / Workaround:

    Hardcode the desired value as save it as a separate search if necessary.