Displaying your own Logo in Web Desk / Self Service

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              How to display your own logo in Web Access




    Login Display


    How does the loading of images work on the login page?


    Below is a traditional default login screen:


    This will contain 2 different images as shown below:



    The file names for these files are as accordingly:


    Image 1: logo.png

    Image 2: company_logo.gif


    These two images are both stored on your Server. There are two different locations where both images are stored on both locations:


    Location 1:



    Location 2:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk\WebApp\WebAccess\Content\images\XXX


    The image in your framework folder (location 1) will take priority over the image in your WebAccess folder (location 2), meaning, if you have the relevant logo.png or company_logo.gif file in your Framework folder, Web Desk will load these up. If no such files exist in the Framework folder, it will instead load the files from the 'WebAccess' folder.


    This will allow you to have a set of default images for all your Framework without actually having to add the images to all your Framework and still allow you to load specific images for specific Frameworks by adding these images to that specific Framework.



    How can I change these images?


    If you are looking to change the images all you have to do is replace the image file with your own image file.

    Note that you will need to keep to the same file type or Web Desk won't be able to find the image.


    Image 1 is a .png file

    Image 2 is a .gif file


    Copy your new file in to the relevant location.

    Rename the old file to XXXX_old

    Rename your new file to the correct name, ie: 'company_logo.gif' or 'logo.png'




    If you are changing the file within the Framework folder, you will need to perform an IISReset before the change will come through



    - When changing these images please bare in mind that the bigger the image is that you are adding, the longer the login page will take to load.





    Your own Logo within the Colour Scheme in Web Access


    You can add your own logo to display in the top left corner of Web Access




    You do this by logging in to your Web Access as an administrator.

    Go to the System Preference Setting.



    Click to Edit your Colour Scheme.



    Edit your relevant Custom Scheme



    If you currently don't have any Custom Schemes, you will need to copy a Build-in-scheme and modify this. You then select your new Custom scheme that this creates.


    Go tot he "Header and frame" section.

    In your "Logo image" setting, select your relevant image. If you want to add a new image, click 'New...' and follow the instructions.

    You will see a small preview of your selected image.



    Once you have selected the relevant image, save your Colour Scheme and make sure that you have the correct Colour Scheme set in your Colour Scheme setting for Web Desk and Self Service.


    - Maximum height for the image is 45 pixels
    - It has been seen in the past that in IE 8 - if the compatibility mode is switched on - the Logo get's cut off. If you need to run IE8 in compatibility mode, limit the width of your logo to 150 pixels before uploading to Web Desk.