Publishing shortcuts to Web Access

Version 11

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    Service Desk Console/Web Access all versions.


    Review Date:

    25th July 2014



    When you publish a shortcut to Web Access from Console, you are in fact creating a copy of the shortcut with no ties to the original.  This means that any changes you make to the Console shortcut will not be reflected in the Web Access one, and vice versa.


    What if your shortcuts need updating?

    The simplest approach is to delete the Web Access shortcut and recreate it:


    1, Launch Shortcut Manager (Shortcuts>Manage Shortcuts...):



    2, Remove the Web Access shortcut.

        Select "Web Desk Shortcut bar" in the top right of the manager, select your shortcut, then click Remove.

    3, OK the next dialogue.

    4, Select No on the final dialogue to only remove the Web Access shortcut.

    5, Switch to "Console Shortcut bar", select the shortcut to update, and click Modify:

    6, Update your shortcut:

            In this instance we're just changing the Title.

            Important: Ensure you tick "Create this item for Web Desk also." so the shortcut is recreated.

    7, Click OK, and the shortcut will then be updated in Console:

    ...and recreated in Web Access:

    Note:  You may need to recycle your Web Access application pool if you want to see the changes immediately.