EMSS Upgrade 8.5 U2 April 2018

Version 1

    Releases notes & Download:


    Please be informed that 8.5 Update 2 is live on GSS. You can update to the new version  https://community.ivanti.com/docs/DOC-48768


    Release notes are available at https://help.ivanti.com/ht/help/en_US/IES/85U2/Ivanti%20Endpoint%20Security%208.5U2%20Release%20Notes.pdf


    Troubleshooting Your Upgrade:


    1. Look through the requirements before the upgrade


    2. Enable the logging to verbose before starting the troubleshooting to capture all install manager details:

    - On the actual EMSS server, go to [C:\Program Files (x86)\HEAT Software\EMSS\Install manager] folder

    - Edit the "LM.Logging.Config"

    - Find [<add key="LogMinimumSeverity" value="Warning" />

    - Change the value of "Warning" to "Verbose" (Ensure the word "Verbose" begins with the capital alphabet "V")


    3. Temporarily disable any AV or make sure that exceptions for lmctl.exe and for Recommended Anti-Malware exclusions for Ivanti / HEAT / Lumension Endpoint Security Products  all done


    4. Re-login to Windows using the "EMSS Serviceadmin", this account has the necessary permission/ rights to the SQL server


    5. Go to Services.msc from EMSS server. Look for the "EDS InstallerService" -> right click on it -> properties -> Log on and check if the correct .\serviceadmin account with the correct password provided


    6. Check the .\serviceadmin account properties if locked out from: Administrative tools -> Computer management -> local user and groups -> groups -> right clic ".\serviceadmin" properties


    7. Restart "EDS InstallerService"


    8. Try to upgrade using http://localhost instead of your server name


    9. The minimum .NET framework required by the EMSS is version 4.6. If your EMSS server is installed on a Windows server 2012 r2, a security pre-requisite from April 2014 is required


    10. Launch the "Install manager" and select "Download Only" to complete downloading the modules




    Did you backup the databases before the upgrade?