What's new for Mac in Ivanti EPM 2018.1

Version 2


    This document details the new features and bug fixes included in the 2018.1 Release of Ivanti EPM


    New Features

    • New Remote Control
    • Mac Portal Manager
      • Replaces Workspaces - Now a Mac Admin app instead of Web App
      • Mac Portal Agent Settings now included in the Agent Configuration. No need to push out settings after install
      • Multi-Select Download
      • Download Progress Bar
      • Branding not Supported at this time
      • About Portal Manager for Mac
    • FileVault Support
    • Configuration Profiles
      • Support for Public Variables
      • Support for Encrypted Passwords
    • Vulscan Bug Fixes
      • Reboot Loop issue Resolved
      • Setting patches that don't require a Reboot to Autofix no longer prompts user for reboot upon installation
    • Preferred Servers
      • Preferred Server Request contains all client IP address

      • Server responds with all preferred servers that match

      • Connection address is not used