Collecting File Director Logs

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    File Director 4.3File Director 4.4File Director 4.5File Director 2018.1File Director 2018.3

    Windows Client Logs


    You can enable/disable Windows Client logging in one of the following two ways:

    1. Launch the Ivanti Support Toolkit  and select the Logging tab. Under File Director, check/un-check the box to enable/disable logging. Logs can be found in directory you specified as soon as you disable logging (they are initially created in C:\ProgramData\AppSense\DataNowLogs and then copied to your specified location).

    2. In the system tray, hold down SHIFT + right click the File Director tray icon then select Diagnostics. From here you can start/stop logging. You can also enable verbose debug and driver tracing which is also very useful for Support. Logs can be found here - C:\ProgramData\AppSense\DataNowLogs.


    Appliance Logs


    Appliance logs can be generated and downloaded from the Admin Console (https://<servername>:8443). Simply click the 'Download Appliance Log and Configuration report bundle'. If you have more than one appliance, you may need to do this on each appliance (or isolate the user to a specific appliance to capture the logs).



    Uploading Logs

    Files can be uploaded to Support using the following methods.


    For smaller files, you can upload the files to your support case directly via

    *Ivanti case uploads via the Community site are limited to files under 25MB


    If you need to upload larger files then please use our web portal:-



    If file transfers in excess of 2GB are required, then please use a 3rd party utility using the Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol.


    Credentials can be obtained by following the link below:-

    Under Self Service click the 'Show FTP transfer details' link.


    Once you have uploaded you file(s) to Support, please notify us by adding a case comment or replying to a case email with the filename(s).