Microsoft Windows 10 tiles locations are not retained

Version 10


    Consider the following scenario:


    • Microsoft Windows 10 build 1703 or higher is used.
    • The option Replace all unmanaged shortcuts is checked.
    • The option Replace all unmanaged tiles on the startscreen is checked as well.
    • A non-persistent profile solution is used, like a mandatory profile or a profile that is removed after logoff.


    In this scenario, some tiles will be restored to a different location.




    The width of the Microsoft Windows 10 start menu is not retained, causing it to revert back to the default wide layout.

    This will free up additional space, which Microsoft Windows will fill with the items defined in the start menu.




    Capture and restore the dimensions of the Microsoft Windows Start Menu by creating the following User Setting on Global Level under Composition > User settings.

    2018-08-31 12_29_00-Marc - U2016One-MvW.SUPDBO.local - Royal TS.png


    Download link User Settings Building Block:

    user_settings_Global _ Capture Startmenu  (attached)