Granular control over RT Notify notifications (via sxopt)

Version 1


    Ivanti Device and Application Control 5.1 Update 2 or higher (server and client)




    Currently, RTNotify can only be enabled or disabled completely.  Customers have requested an option to have the RTNotify visible in the system tray but to have the ability to suppress the pop-ups on certain machines.  


    We have introduced the ability for an administrator to suppress notifications for all computers or to target specific computers via a hidden control using the sxopt tool while still allowing RTNotifiy to remain on the desktop.

    The sxopt.exe tool is provided with the installation software, located in bin\tools.  This tool should be run on the application server by a user with Ivanti Device and Application Control Enterprise Admin rights. 




    The option number to disable RTNotify's attachment notifications (DEVICE-ATTACHED and DEVICE-DETACHED) is 95. The option can be set for a particular computer (-c) or for all computers (-ca) and the opt_value for this new option can be 0 or 1:


    0: (default) show attachment notifications.

    1: suppress attachment notifications.


    The syntax for sxopt is as below:

    sxopt <servername> -g 95 -ca (get the current value of the option)
    sxopt <servername> -s 95 <opt_value> -ca (assign <opt value> to the option)
    sxopt <servername> -d 95 -ca (delete the option; default behavior)



    Usage examples:

    sxopt <servername> -s 95 1 -ca

    This will suppress attachment notifications for all computers managed by <servername>

    NOTE: <servername> is the Application Server name (SXS)


    sxopt <servername> -s 95 1 -c <clienthostname>

    This will suppress attachment notifications for <clienthostname>

    NOTE:  Do not enter the FQDN, just the hostname