How to: Create Target Override Conditions on the Service Level Target workspace.

Version 2


    This Solution applies to all versions of Ivanti Service Manager (current version, on the date when this article is created is 2017.3).


    How to:

    This article has been created to extend our online manual: Working with Service Level Targets

    On this article there is described, how to create Target Override Conditions on Service Level Target workspace, but it might happen that New button will not be visible on some Target Override Conditions


    even if under: Admin UI -> Business Object -> Service Level Target -> Layouts -> ResponseSLT and/or Resolution SLT -> Child Panels -> Target Override Conditions -> Edit there is New Button added





    Issue is caused by Hidden Expression of New button


    So, we cannot create overrides basing on Service Level Agreement, but on Service Level Package.


    Resolution Steps are:

    1. Log in to User UI.

    2. Go to CI Services workspace.

    3. Open Service.

    4. Go to Service Level Package child panel

    5. Select Service Level Package and click Go To.

    6. Go to appropriate target child panel (for instance Response Target)

    7. Press Go To button

    8. Under Target Override Condition there is New button and it is possible to proceed with instructions provided in online help.