Unicode characters in the Outlook Signature are displayed as question marks

Version 3


    Consider the following scenario:


    • A new Outlook Signature is created in an E-mail Setting in Composition > Applications > E-mail Settings in the Ivanti Workspace Control Console.
    • The box Use external editors for separate editing in different formats is ticked, which gives the option to use the button Edit HTML.... This will open an htm document in edit mode.
    • The file extension htm is associated with an application that can use Unicode characters (see note below).
    • Unicode characters are inserted and the htm file is saved.


    In this scenario, the Unicode characters are stored as question marks, instead of as the characters itself.

    This can be verified by opening the signature again by clicking on Edit HTML... or by checking the htm file in the cache directly under %respfdir%\Data\DBCache\Resources\inst_mail.




    This issue is resolved in Ivanti Workspace Control



    Note: Notepad can be used to save the signature in Unicode format by using Save as... and select Unicode at Encoding.